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Concept: What is a free tour?

A free tour is a free payment one in which the traveler pays what he considers fair after doing the tour with the official guide. It is paid in the form of a tip based on the experience lived during the tour, taking into consideration both the effort and quality of the services made by local guide.

The same could be said of the free walking tour, which is a free paying walking tour. The term free tour includes all the modalities that could be given in this type of guided tours: on foot, by bike, by boat…

Usually, tour booking is free although we trust in the good faith of the traveller who commits to attend this ‘tour’, as well as the guide commits to be at the meeting point at the agreed time.

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✓ How do the free walking tours work?

How do free walking tours work?

Once you know what a free tour is, the next step is to understand how it works. The process is relatively simple and is based on trust. Knowing the dates and hours you enter the city when and where you want to take a guided tour and choose the free tour you want to take.

Keep in mind that there are different types and styles of free walking tours: you can take a tour of the city’s essential places (e.g. Essential in Granada) or take a thematic tour of an area or even an architectural style (e.g. Gothic Quarter in Barcelona).

Once you have found yours (by type, date and time), you must book online to let the guide know you are coming. Once you´ve made the reservation you will receive a confirmation email with the information regarding the meeting point, the date and time agreed, as well as the name and how to identify the local guide.

After this simple process, you will only have to attend the meeting point on the agreed date and hour and enjoy the walk, knowing all the secrets of that city. On finishing the tour, you must decide how much to pay.

✓ Is it really free? How much should I pay?

✓ It's really free? How much should I pay?

This is a question asked by many travelers and the answer is always the same. Booking is for free, the tour payment is on your own. Depending on how much you liked the tour and your circumstances, you will tip as much as you think is fair enough.

What happens if I finally decide not to pay at all? In fact, nothing happens. However, we do consider that when a person has spent 2-3 hours of their time showing you a city (being that their job) he or she should be paid. If you did not like it, you can pay less than you planned in advance, because the commitment goes both ways.

Travellers usually pay between 10 and 15 euros each. But as we said, this should be according to the experience you have lived during the tour.

One of the advantages of this type of service is that the traveler has the chance to pay what he or she considers fair for the activity and the service received. Usually, the tourist’s opinion regarding this type of free payment visits is quite positive.

Top rated tours

Some routes stand out from the rest, obtaining better ratings on the main online platforms. TripAdvisor, GuruWalk or Civitatis agglomerate a large number of reviews that can help us to know which are the best free guided tours with local expert and professional guides.




References countries

The phenomenon of free walking tours has spread all over the world, being one of the first options for the vast majority of travellers. That is why you can find this type of tour in almost any country on five continents.

Advantages of taking a free tour anywhere in the world

The advantages of choosing this type of tour vs a paid tour usually lie in the type of experience you receive.

Normally, this type of walking tour is more enjoyable and fun, you can even participate and the environment is very relaxed. The main reason is the novelty of the format:

  • The price is not closed: the fact that you have not yet decided how much to pay for the activity means that the guide will always do his best to ensure that you have the best possible experience. An extra motivation that you do not have in the tours that already have the price closed and paid.
  • Search and compare between the best local guides in each city. Thanks to a selection based on the experience and opinions of thousands of travelers, we can offer the best free guided tours so you can book for free the one that best suits your circumstances.

Compare tool for free walking tours in English

The best English language free tour comparator in the world. We have compared and analyzed the best free guided tours in each city so you can choose the one that best suits your needs! Find essential and original tours with the most professional local guides at GuruWalk, Civitatis, Sandemans or Get Your Guide .

Free tour travelers’ opinions

Travelers who try this kind of activity are usually very satisfied with the experience they have lived, both for the route they choose and for what they have learned in a relaxed and pleasant way. That is why it is normal to find good opinions about free walking tours, although you always can find local guides who do it better than others, hence the importance of looking and comparing opinions.

Trip Advisor reviews and ratings

Travel guides and advices to travel

Find the best travel guides and advices to travel on OK Free Tour. Make the most of your escapades to take advantage of your resources at any destination you go on about how to get to the city centre, where to eat, where to stay or what places to visit.


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