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We are a community of local tour guides and travelers who love to travel around the world, discovering new destinations and taking free tours in all of them. We will recommend you the best free guided tours in all possible cities, so you can compare and choose the tour you like best. The adventurous spirit is what drives us to always think of new escapes to any corner in the world.

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Our goal is to give the travelers the necessary information so that they can search, compare and choose the free walking tour that best suits the experience they want to have. It is about putting on the table all the available options so that everyone can make the decision they want, knowing what they choose in each city they visit.

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In addition to offering you the best information about free walking tours, we will give you the necessary tools to live your trip to the fullest, saving money and taking advantage of all the benefits of each destination. To do this, we will provide you with the main points of interest in each city, where to eat, where to stay and much more.

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✓ Sustainable tourism

At OK Free Tour we seek to spread a travel culture that cares for and protects the world we live in. Although it is not always easy, we consider it a very important part when talking about travel and free walking tours. We talk about sustainable tourism in which everybody wins, people and the planet, do you join us?

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