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Are you in search of the best free walking tours in Seville? Well, fortunately you have reached the right place. Today we have created a selection of the best free tours in Seville that you can find. Each of them has something different to offer you, you just have to choose the one you like best.

Best free walking tours in Seville in English for today

1Essential places of Seville (BOOK NOW)Hello Sevilla Tours ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ (4,7/5 in more than 300 reviews from GuruWalk). 9,9/10
2Charm of Triana Quarter (BOOK NOW)Visit Seville ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ (4,6/5 in more than 100 reviews from GuruWalk). 9,8/10
3Monuments in Old Town (BOOK NOW)CIVITATIS ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ (9,3/10 in more than 1000 reviews from CIVITATIS). 9,7/10
4Santa Cruz, the Jewish quarter of Seville (BOOK NOW)Ispal Tours ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ (4,7/5 in more than 100 reviews from GuruWalk). 9,6/10
5Monumental Seville (BOOK NOW)Ispal Tours ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ (4,7/5 in more than 90 reviews from GuruWalk) 9,4/10
⚠️ ATTENTION: Is a free walking tour really free? These types of guided tours with local guides are paid whatever you want. The reservation of the tours is free and at the end of the activity you give the tip you consider fair. Travelers usually pay between 10 and 20 euros each, and can be more if they liked the experience.

Visiting Seville has become a necessity, as well as one of the most important mandatory stops when Spain is known. In fact, Seville is a municipality and a city and at the same time it is the capital of Andalusia. Being the capital, it is the most populated in Andalusia and the fourth in all of Spain.

Seville is one of the best cities that can be visited, and this has to do with the vast amount of sites to see and the historical weight it has. Its old town is the largest in all of Spain, it is so large that it is positioned as the third largest in all of Europe. Something similar happens with its historic center, which is the largest in all of Spain.

Also, this city has the most monuments in all of Europe. What makes this place one of the best to visit. This, thanks to the historical heritage that is stored in its streets. All this has made Seville one of the most important recipients of Spain in terms of tourism.

Monumental Free Walking Tour of Seville (GuruWalk)

A city like Seville deserves an afternoon dedicated to the main monuments. That is why the monumental free tour brings together the best of the city in two hours of walking on the main points of interest.


Hello Sevilla Tours ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ (4,7/5 in more than 300 reviews from GuruWalk).

SCHEDULEEvery day-TODAY- in the morning (10.00h & 11.00h) and in the afternoon (14.00h).
DURATION2 hours and 30 minutes.
LANGUAGEEnglish and Spanish.


Knowing Seville is essential and to do it in the best way is an excellent idea to do this tour. The history that is kept in this city is really impressive. In fact, it is considered one of the most historic in all of Spain. And this is what this magnificent city tour seeks to reflect

If you reserve this option, you can see everything the city has for you. From the great cultural diversity that was implanted in the past and that until today can be observed a little.

A historical walk through the legacy that has left the Roman, Tartessos, Visigoth and Arab heritage implanted is what awaits you. These types of expressions can be observed in each of its streets and in a large number of the most important historical monuments of the city, which should be noted that there are many.

The Cathedral and Giralda of Seville

The tour will start from the foundation of the city, which according to history this fact was made by Hercules. And along with all the most important historical events, you will also take a complete tour of the most important points of the city. You can start from the Cathedral and walk through the Giralda and even the Giraldillo.

One part that cannot be off an essential tour like this is the walk along the Guadalquivir River. Seville is connected to one of the most important water sources in the region and visiting them is a great opportunity. In addition, through history and the towns that were based there in the past, it will be possible to know how what was known today as Seville was built.

One of the points to visit that cannot be missed is the Torre del Oro, a site that is a historical reference and that is the perfect contrast to the new Seville. A few years ago and thanks to the Ibero-American Exposition, the city underwent several changes, a very important architectural expansion which resulted in a new version of Seville.

Also, you will have to take a walk through the Plaza de España and take a photo, but this will not be the only place you can visit. There are a lot of opportunities to enjoy in this city, one of the most historic in all of Spain.

Among the main advantages that can be found when making this tour is that it is one of the most complete that can exist throughout the city. Knowing Seville begins from history and is complemented by everything that is lived in its streets. This type of Free Tour is one of the best that can exist, because they are the most complete that you will find.

A very important point is that this type of tours are carried out by experts in the field and you can answer each and every one of your questions. In addition, it is done quite calmly so that they can take the photos they need and also fully enjoy the city at all times.

MEETING POINT: Virgen de los Reyes Square, next to Giralda with the White Umbrella.

Free Walking Tour the Charm of Triana (GuruWalk)

A city like Seville deserves an afternoon dedicated to the main monuments. That is why the monumental free tour brings together the best of the city in two hours of walking on the main points of interest.


Visit Seville ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ (4,6/5 in more than 100 reviews from GuruWalk).

SCHEDULEEvery day-TODAY- in the morning (10.30h) and in the afternoon (18.00h).
DURATION2 hours.


We already know perfectly how this city is full of history in every corner, but to know it it is necessary to enter its neighborhoods. On this occasion, we have the opportunity to take the free tour offered by El Embrujo de Triana. This is one of the most fantastic sites you can have in all of Seville.

As for art, this has been one of the most important neighborhoods for the city’s culture and also for complete Spain. Triana’s quarter is known as the site where flamenco began more clearly. This is where the first expressions of this art were seen and where it was forged as it is today. Strolling through the history of this is very interesting.

This is one of the most renowned mining districts in the entire city, in the past one of the most predominant sources of minerals. Also, it has been characterized as a neighborhood in which pottery is practiced. The potters here are the best that can exist, and a tour to know this trade is essential.

The tradition for the quarter of Triana is very important, this is what the neighborhood has alive until today. Each of its inhabitants are quite loveful and that is what shapes the place. With this free walking tour, we have the opportunity to know the way of life of its inhabitants and how, to some extent, they had behind Seville.

Santa Ana Church

Places like the Santa Ana Church are the ones you can visit if you decide on this tour. Architecture lovers will love to visit this site because it is one of the most beautiful there can be. But it is not the only thing, they will also take a walk through the main streets of the neighborhood such as Betis Street which is one of the most representative.

Another site that is essential to visit is the Chapel of the Sailors, this is a different site and should be known. To have some fun and take some photos, you can also take a walk through the Plaza del Altozano and even the Triana Bridge, which is one of the most important places in the neighborhood.

To complete the free tour offered, you can visit the pottery monument to learn much more about this art and the Alley of the Inquisition which is a completely necessary stop.

Among the biggest advantages that this free tour can have is that it is very complete, entering a neighborhood as important as this one needs thoroughness. That is why the guides require a provision to show them specifically each element in order to have a really enjoyable and complete visit.

Also, you can visit the most representative sites of this neighborhood that is one of the most important in all of Seville, which, although it has been a bit relegated, is one of those that has much more to offer.

MEETING POINT: Puerta de Jerez.

Essential free walking tour in Seville (Civitatis)

Discover one of the most complete free paid guided tours in Seville. Ideal for those travelers who visit the Andalusian capital for the first time so that they know the essentials of the Sevillian culture, as well as where the main points of interest are located.


CIVITATIS ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ (9,3/10 in more than 1000 reviews from CIVITATIS).

SCHEDULEEvery day-TODAY- in the morning (10.00 & 11.00) and in the afternoon (14.00).
DURATION2 hours 30 minuts.
LANGUAGEEnglish and Spanish.


Among the best tours in Seville that you can find is this. It is one of the most complete that can exist. This means that you will have a complete tour of every important place in the city. So you will have a complete look and that will allow you to know Seville in the right way.

This tour starts at the central fountain of the Plaza de España. This is can be the most important place in the whole city and it was here where the Seville that is known today began to take place. When you start the tour from this point, you will be able to talk about the most important events for history, the Ibero-American Exhibition that took place in 1929.

It will begin by explaining how this historical moment gave rise to the urban expansion and transformation of the city, and then continue the tour and arrive at the San Telmo Palace. This is currently the headquarters of the Presidency of Andalusia.

In each point of the city to visit you will know a lot of history, in this case, the relations between Antonio Orleans and María Luisa Fernanda de Borbón. These were known for residing in the San Telmo Palace and for being fans and lovers of the city. So much so, that soon after part of the land would be transferred to create a park, which today is named after María Luisa.

Guadalquivir river

It is not a complete visit if you do not pass through the Guadalquivir, a very representative place for Seville. Visiting its banks next to the story telling is something magical. In this site you will learn a lot about the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries that will give context to the city.

There will also be a short walk through the Torre del Oro that is one of the most visited sites in all of Seville. Then, at a very short distance you will find the Plaza del Triunfo, where architecture reigns. The Cathedral of Seville is one of the architectural jewels of the city with more historical value.

The tour is not over yet, there is much more to see, you can also admire the Royal Alcazars and even the Archivo de Indias, which is a very important historical element for the city. Although some quite representative sites will be visited on this tour, they will also walk through some more hidden places to get to know the city much better.

This, without a doubt, is one of the most complete tours you can take. One of the biggest advantages is that time will not be lacking to observe any of the most important squares and monuments of the city. Once they have finished, they will have known in great part of history this magnificent land that hides a lot.

MEETING POINT: Church of the Divine Savior.

Frequently asked questions of travelers

✔︎ How much do I pay for a free tour in Barcelona?

Sometimes, there is usually some confusion regarding the cost of free walking tours. For an early translation of the term one can think that it is a completely free guided tour and that they will not pay absolutely anything. But the truth is that this is not entirely true. The most accurate translation would be “free paid guided tours”
This means that there is no fixed rate for the price of the tour, that is, a free tour will not have an initial cost of 20 euros per person. The person in charge of placing the price on the tour is you who is doing it. Once finished you will ponder how good it has been and how much you liked it and based on that you will pay.
You are expected to pay for the tour service although to do so you will not have to pay or reserve or cancel, being able to choose the price at the end of the journey. Even if you decide, it is important that you pay. If you do not do it, whoever travels will be left without any remuneration. So the right thing is to reward the guide for the service provided.
There are no clear rules as far as you have to pay for the tour, it can be from 10 to 50 euros if you feel like it, but an average could be set between 10 and 20 euros.

✔︎ How do I make the reservation? It’s free?

In this case, reservations are completely free. You will not have to pay to make the reservation. You just have to provide the data and choose the day and time you want to attend the free tour.

✔︎ How does the cancellation policy work?

Free tour cancellations are free. You must make the cancellation with time, so the guides can have the places that are now free.

✔︎ Can I go to the meeting point without reserving my place?

Each tour will have a different meeting point, this will be informed when making the reservation. Try to know exactly where it is located and arrive at the indicated time so that they do not leave without you.

✔︎ Concept and how works a free walking tour

It’s been a long time since free tours have become one of the best options to get to know a city. Many sites offer them, but it is not always clear what this type of service is about. It is nothing complex, it is a guided tour of free payment in which the most important of the city is known along with a local guide.
Each of these routes are different and in the same city there can be a lot of them. What distinguishes one from another is the sites that are visited. Although each main tour adds important places that are necessary to see, others include different sites depending on the type of tour.
There are different types of tours, you can find some essential tours that are those that travel to a greater or lesser extent throughout the city or what is more representative. They can also take thematic tours that gather only the places of historical interest such as the most representative monuments and squares.
Also, you can find a large number of guided tours of the most important neighborhoods of the cities. Each of them may have different attractions, and the best way to get to know them is with this type of tours.
It should be noted that these tours are not made by anyone, but by a fully qualified staff for this task. They are experts in customer service, so they will feel very well taken care of, but, in addition, they are faithful connoisseurs of the story. That gives them the facility to answer each of the questions they have and know more about the city.

✓ The best free walking tours for today in Seville

Best of all, it is the tours that we have selected so that you can get to know Seville are the most complete. These visits are free and also made in English and Spanish. A very important point is that in most cases they are done every day, so you can book with peace of mind.

The best way to get to know the neighborhoods of Seville is with the tours, you will be able to meet some who will walk you through the Triana neighborhood that is one of those that has a very important historical value because it is a sailor of the best known in all of Spain.

But it is not the only thing you can know, the Barrio de Santa Cruz is also essential to visit. History can practically be felt on this site. It is one of the most special in the whole city and the tours are also very complete to learn everything they want.

This city has a lot to offer, from the joy and even the hustle and bustle at night in its streets and nightclubs to a walk through the most emblematic places. To get to know Seville in the best way, it may be necessary to enter its most popular neighborhoods, which has all popular baggage. For example, the neighborhood of La Macarena.

✓ Essential Free Tours Walking of Seville

There are different free walking tours in Seville that are essential to take. These will allow you to get to know the city from the inside by taking a walk through the most important places. But always without forgetting history, the mixture of these two elements will make your visit to Seville one of the best that may exist.

✓ Monumental Free Tours in Seville

Seville is one of the Spanish cities with the greatest amount of history, and this is largely saved in its monuments. Among the greatest treasures that can exist throughout Spain, are found here. So it is essential that you do a complete free tour of the most important places.

✓ Free themed tours in Seville

Much of what a city has to do with its most important neighborhoods, these represent the primal essence of what Seville is. Each of its streets are composed of a large number of a story and the most pleasant and hot people there can be.

If you decide on these essential tours you can visit places like the Cathedral and the Giraldillo. Likewise, a chronological and historical trip will be made for all that Seville has to do. All the towns of the past and how they have become what they are today is one of the best attractions of this type of tours.

A good part of the routes usually start at the Torre del Oro and arrive at the Plaza de España. Having traveled all this way you will have been able to find a lot of information and sites that are really beautiful. If you have doubts you can learn a little more and go home having known Seville perfectly.

Travel guide – More information about Seville

Find the best information with the most complete travel and tourism guide in Seville. If you are in this city, you can visit a lot of spaces. Among the most popular are the Alcazar, the Golden Tower and also other monuments and buildings that have been declared World Heritage by UNESCO some years ago.

Everything can be found here, from important museums to see a little art, parks with different themes for fun. And if what interests you is a different type of art expression, cinemas and theaters in the city will be at your disposal at all times. Having fun in Seville is the best there can be.

Do you want to eat delicious? Well, you can also do this in this wonderful city. In Seville there are a lot of bars and bars that provide their services from very early until quite late. In them you can do one of the most native activities of the city, which is tapas.

It is also good that you are aware of the date on which you will visit Seville. Well, Holy Week is one of the best occasions. This date has been declared as an international tourist interest for each of its visitors.

This city may initially have a lot to show, but to make sure you can see everything, the best thing you can do is take a free tour of Seville. To choose the best one, we’ll talk a little more about them below.

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